Our vision is to combine decades of experience in meat retailing with a reliable network of local and imported meat supply in order to give you top-notch meat at the most competitive prices.

Our meat comes directly from top-of-the-chain suppliers. Healthy cattle, mostly Brahman, are bought from local auction markets for our beef, while our pork are sourced directly from the farms of leading local hog suppliers. The livestock are brought in to our hygienic slaughterhouse for preparation. Then, the carcasses are delivered to our retail store, Meat Depot, where our seasoned butchers chop the meat to meet our patrons’ specific needs.

Imported meat cuts, on the other hand, are all vacuum-sealed and stored carefully until purchased by a customer. Meat fanatics are also given a chance to try our premium cuts through the cooking services offered in-store.

We enforce strict quality control and comply with meat handling standards to ensure consistent and uncompromising meat supply. All these, together with efficient and flexible costing, are proof of our passion and dedication to provide you with better meat at better price.

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