CFI’s background goes as far back as five generations of meat traders. This allowed its CEO, Paul Alcoreza, to grow up in an environment that freely discussed business, meat, and even the art of butchery. At an early age, he traveled with his father Delfin, a butcher’s son himself, to their livestock farms and properties in the Philippines as well as in Australia.

Paul witnessed the growth of his family’s company in the 1980s to 1990s. In response to the demands of the expanding clientele and increasing daily churn rate, the company broadened its supply and distribution network, even venturing into processed meat. To beef up the company’s supply, live cattle were imported from Australia, and with the help of local cooperatives, those cattle were bred and fattened to the best condition in the company’s feedlot in South Cotabato before being shipped to Manila for hygienic slaughtering.

Having become CEO of his own company, Meatworks, at nineteen, Paul was the epitome of a natural businessman. His early successes in meat trading earned him the respect of veterans in the industry. He was versatile, creative, and personable—he could engage in lighthearted banters with matadors at cattle auctions in Batangas, and then be offering his products to the most well-respected restauranteurs of Manila.




Paul is no stranger to the businesses of his clients. Past restaurant and food service ventures gave him the ability to pinpoint a client’s needs—finance, quality, and culinary-wise. Himself a lover of food and its creation, he can approach the subject of meat wearing a chef’s hat, whether that means substituting meat cuts to raise quality while lowering cost, or making menu suggestions from a meat expert’s point of view.

Soon, he recognized the need for clients to experience CFI’s products more tangibly, and Meat Depot was born. As a showroom and meat shop, the store is a trail-blazer in meat marketing. Paul established Meat Depot in July 2014, and it has been serving both retail and wholesale clients since. By providing quality products and exceptional service, the store has gained a loyal following among consumers and business owners.

With business savvy, ingenuity, and passion, Paul has established CARNE FRESCA, INC. as a meat authority that continues to evolve by developing new products, exploring new markets, and employing innovative strategies.