Meat Depot – A Little History

Get a brief history of the expertise behind your favourite Meat Depot cuts.

Meat Depot has a history of happy, roaming cows. Learn more about where your favourite cuts come from.

When you take a bite out of your juicy porterhouse or perfectly marbled Wagyu from Meat Depot, know that you are enjoying the product of years of meat supply expertise.

Our CEO Paul Alcoreza comes from a family of meat traders. Five generations of meat traders, to be exact. So you can be assured that he knows his stuff and that this family really love their meat. In fact, being raised in an environment that discussed the art of butchery and the business of meat is the (pardon the pun) backbone of Meat Depot’s delicious cuts.

At the age of 19, Paul founded Meatworks – a livestock and meat trading company that bridged the gap between matadors and cattle auctioneers to the most respected restaurateurs of Manila. It was in later food and restaurant ventures that Paul furthered his expertise in meat supply and restaurant logistics.

An old photo of cows basking in the sun in one of Meat Depot's cattle farms.

An old photo of cows basking in the sun in one of Meat Depot’s cattle farms.

Being the innovative businessman, Paul decided to bring the company’s expertise of quality meat closer to end consumers. And in July 2014, the first Meat Depot shop was open.

Now, restaurateurs, foodies or just plain meat lovers can come and enjoy a showroom of top-of-the line cuts, at a competitive price. As an authentic meat shop, Meat Depot welcomes guests to not only peruse our the many choices of meat but also to ask questions about the cuts, its source, breeding, etc. Talk to our butchers, they will be happy to impart the same meat know-how that was given to them. It’s our way of making you feel the passion and expertise behind every cut of meat.

Meat Depot now has 2 branches.

QC Branch
815 Banawe St. Peter
Quezon City

BF Branch
283 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes,

Shop | 8AM-10:30PM