The Burger Boom (And Why We Like It)


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Burger joints seem to have sprouted all over the metro the last couple of years. This has been to our great pleasure and satisfaction, both as avid meat eaters (what could be better than beef between two pieces of bread?) and suppliers (more business, woo-hoo!).

We can therefore attest to this statement:


most popular retail cut


The restaurant scene is alive and kicking right now, and burger chefs are happy to grab a piece of the pie. They’re young, ambitious, and creative entrepreneurs. Orders from Meat Depot are getting increasingly interesting! Some restauranteurs like their patties juicy and fatty; some like them lean and beefy. Requests of fat content reach an average of 20%, and our seasoned butchers are always happy to indulge a customer’s preferences, whether that means walking the line of the standard, or deviating very, very far from it. (We in fact supply to a burger joint with an incredibly simple yet delicious concept. Their burgers consist of 50% regular patty and 50% something else–bacon, spam, etc. An enthusiastic shout-out to Big B Burgers!)

Ground beef is a very versatile cut. Aside from the familiar and classic burger patty, you can ball it up, use it as a topping (think nachos), or bake it into something else (shepherds’ pie, anyone?). Heck, fry it up, pour it into a bowl, and eat it with a spoon. All it takes is a bit of salt and pepper to legitimize that as a dish, your foodstagram friends be damned.


Ground never looked so good.

Ground beef never looked so good.


The truth is that it doesn’t take much to enjoy great beef. A little bit of heat and a dash of creativity can turn mush into a thriving restaurant.

Suddenly want to experiment and create your own burger patty? Place an order now!

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